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AIChE History

Founded on June 22, 1908 by the “Committee of Six”, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) emerged as the chemical engineering profession was slowly emerging from its roots in the chemistry industry.  AIChE was established to establish the chemical engineering profession as independent from chemists (responsible for designing reactions) and mechanical engineers (responsible for designing reactors) who worked in the chemical industry.

AIChE at UofM

The University of Michigan established the very first AIChE Student Chapter in the nation on December 6, 1922, soon after the AIChE constitution was amended to define Student Chapters.  For 89 years, AIChE at U of M has been advancing chemical engineering in theory and practice by maintaining a high professional standard among its members and by serving society.
Founders of AIChE
"Committee of Six"

Establishment of UofM AIChE