Philanthropy is huge as an organization, and we are often fortunate to have many opportunities. A way our club tries to give back is through this committee to raise money for a charitable cause. Last year, we selected the Association for Women in Science (AWIS) to raise money for. The year end event we held was the Chem E Carnival, where students could go for games and fun. The goal would be to do a similar event or series of events across the year. For more info contact Joseph McMullen (


As engineers, it is also critical that we reach out to the next generation and make sure more students have the opportunity to hear about what STEM can offer. The main goal of this committee is to design outreach to the 

community, specifically youth, to explain what chemical engineering can offer as a career. The culmination of this is having an end of the year event where a high school is bused into our own campus and we run an 

experiment with them along with some presentations to explain what chemical engineers can do. For more info contact Elaine Parkanzky ( and Elias Tavarez (


Sustainability is only becoming more crucial in the engineering committee. The first year goal for this committee was to make our luncheons fully sustainable. This saved a significant amount of plastic and paper waste 

from hitting landfills and was instead fully composted. The goal would be to upkeep this process and to build on this, making our club more of a sustainability positive force on campus. For more info contact 

Christina Meyer (

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