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Sister Chapter


AIChE: All Institutes of Chemical Engineers - Initiation of International Sister Chapters

The presence of a global economy and merging cultures is apparent in our age, and to that end, National AIChE is interested in including international chemical engineering student groups in the events normally only attended by American chapters.  Such events include the ChemE Car Competition and the National Conference workshops.  In the upcoming months,  National AIChE will be helping found student chapters at existing chemical engineering universities outside of the United States.  

Last year, the University of Michigan became the first student chapter to initiate international relations with the student chapter at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to have various U.S. student chapters become ‘sister’ chapters with international chemical engineering student groups.  The U.S. chapter will help the international chapter develop into a strong group by providing founations and ideas for activities (industrial speakers, intramural sports, and much more!),by fostering communication through a social medium such as Facebook.  We have developed a template for other National AIChE student chapters on how to get international chapters involved.  This semester, we have maintained our communication with Colombia through webcasted luncheons and Facebook.  

This year our AIChE chapter led a presentation about the sister chapter program at national conference. 

2015 Student Chapter Workshop Presentation